Ninestar - Seine



Founded in 2000, Zhuhai Seine Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printer consumables.
After a series of integration and structural adjustment, the company name has officially changed to Zhuhai APEX Technology Co.,Ltd in 2015. 
As its international sales company, Ninestar Image Tech Limited has been focusing on the inkjet cartridge, toner cartridge and ribbon for thirteen years. 
APEX Technology currentlyoperates a manufacturing plant of more than 450,000 square meters with 6000+ dedicated staff members. 
Although Apex Technology is headquartered in Zhuhai, it has established branches, warehouses and logistic platforms in Holland, the USA, Switzerland and Japan. 
APEX Technology quality products and services are distributed to over 100 countries and reach over 200 million end users. 
In recent years Apex Technology was awarded the Most Valuable Enterprise, ranked 4th by Forbes as one of China’s Best SMEs in
2011 and was named in Forbes China Up-And-Comers list in 2012.

APEX Technology regards Loyalty, Pragmatism, Innovation and Bi-win as the enterprise’s core values. 
It focuses on quality and technology to provide the best products and services.
Its production line covers toner cartridge, inkjet cartridge, ribbon and other
printer consumables. APEX Technology is devoted to developing and applying its proprietary technologies and patents.

As the pioneer of the industry, APEX Technology continues to utilize the breadth and depth of its capabilities to provide excellent
products and services to partners by becoming a leading printing solution provider; also cooperate with partners to push the globalization of printing

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